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The ChemFAST Archive complies with the EN ISO 14175-3 standard and offers the@highest level of personal protection@against hazardous fungal and mould spores, dusts as well as vapours and other hazardous substances. These are immediately extracted from the air via a ventilation system with a suitable filter, reliably protecting the user from harmful substances.

The ChemFAST Archive complies with the EN ISO 14175-3 standard and offers the highest level of personal protection against hazardous fungal and mould spores, dusts as well as vapours and other hazardous substances. These are immediately extracted from the air via a ventilation system with a suitable filter, reliably protecting the user from harmful substances.

The fume cupboard can be optionally connected to the exhaust air system or designed for recirculation.

The ChemFAST Archive is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled system including an operating hours counter, a multifunction display and a filter saturation indicator.


  • Low energy consumption <88 W

  • Operating hours display

  • Filter saturation indicator

  • Hinged front screen for optimal cleaning

  • Side windows made of safety glass

  • Chemical-resistant work surface

  • Dirt collection intake duct

  • HEPA filter, incl. pre-filter

  • Multifunction display with PLC control


  • Archives

  • Museums

  • Libraries

  • Quality Control

  • Fine chemicals

Filter options

  • A/C filter (e.g. solvents)

  • ACR filter (e.g. radioactivity)

  • FORM filter (e.g. formaldehyde)

  • SULF filter (e.g. acids, sulphides RH >85%)

  • UR filter (e.g. acids, sulphides RH <85%)

  • CYAN filter (e.g. hydrocyanic acid)

  • MER filter (e.g. mercury)

  • AM filter (e.g. ammonia)

Select an additional filter to the existing HEPA filter depending on the application.

We would be happy to advise you personally through our chemistry department in choosing the right filter for you.


We will be pleased to advise you personally on the selection of filters suitable for you through our chemical department.


Model TypeChemFAST Archiv 0.6 mChemFAST Archiv 0.9 mChemFAST Archiv 1.2 mChemFAST Archiv 1.5 mChemFAST Archiv 1.8 m
StandardsDIN 14175-3, EN 61010-1DIN 14175-3, EN 61010-1DIN 14175-3, EN 61010-1DIN 14175-3, EN 61010-1DIN 14175-3, EN 61010-1
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)595 × 1120 × 760885 × 1120 × 7601185 × 1120 × 7601500 × 1120 × 7601800 × 1120 × 760
Useful Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)553 × 660 × 600823 × 660 × 6001123 × 660 × 6001438 × 660 × 6001738 × 660 × 600
Inflow (m/s)0.600.600.600.600.60
Electrical Data220–240V, AC, 50Hz, 1ø220–240V, AC, 50Hz, 1ø220–240V, AC, 50Hz, 1ø220–240V, AC, 50Hz, 1ø220–240V, AC, 50Hz, 1ø