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The economical ChemFAST Premium@reduces the overall energy consumption@of a laboratory by@up to 80%@compared to conventional chemical fume hoods.

FASTER's newly developed hybrid chemical fume hood combines 3-stage airflow technology for safe personal protection with environmental protection from harmful chemicals while complying with strict safety standards according to EN ISO 14175 1-3.

The newly developed air filtration system removes contaminants exactly where they occur. Ambient air drawn in by a DC blower is cleaned by a filter and then passed through the back into the plenum. 25% of the filtered air is returned to a connected exhaust system, while the remaining 75% is returned to the usable space. Compared to conventional chemical fume hoods, this air filtration principle allows additional capacities to be released in the in-house exhaust air system.

Air filtration system

75% recirculating and direct filtration under work surface
25% via exhaust air


  • Worktop in polypropylene

  • Worktop stainless steel 1.4404

  • Sockets outside (IP66)

  • Sockets inside (IP66)

  • Gas connection

  • Cold water connection (TAP-CONTROL-SINK)


  • Save up to 80% of your energy costs thanks to a practical recirculation system

  • Operating hours display

  • Filter saturation indicator

  • Air flow indicator

  • Safety glass side windows

  • Chemical resistant ceramic work surface

  • LED illumination

  • Touch display

  • Cable entry into the interior

  • Ergonomic workstation

  • DC blower for recirculating air operation

Filter options

  • HEPA filter (e.g. powder)

  • A/C filter (e.g. solvent)

  • ACR filter (e.g. radioactivity)

  • FORM filter (e.g. formaldehyde)

  • SULF filter (e.g. acids, sulphides RH> 85%)

  • UR filter (e.g. acids, sulphides RH <85%)

  • CYAN filter (e.g. hydrogen cyanide)

  • MER filter (e.g. mercury)

  • AM filter (e.g. ammonia)

Depending on the area of application, up to 3 filters can be selected



  • Laboratories

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Quality control

  • Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Fine chemicals

  • Petrochemistry

  • Cosmetic industry

  • Photo-processing laboratories

  • Electronic industry

We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right filters for you through our chemicals department.

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Model typeChemFAST Premium 1.2 mChemFAST Premium 1.5 mChemFAST Premium 1.8 m
StandardsDIN EN 14175 1-3, EN 61010-1DIN EN 14175 1-3, EN 61010-2DIN EN 14175 1-3, EN 61010-3
Overall dimensions (W×H×D, mm)1200 x 2353 x 9621500 x 2353 x 9621800 x 2353 x 962
Useful dimensions (W×HxD, mm)1185 x 1200 x 7501485 x 1200 x 7501785 x 1200 x 750
Inflow (m/s)
Exhaust air (m/s)198270338