The GloveFAST Cyto Pharma is a negative pressure isolator with vertical laminar air flow. Due to a closed system, there is a safe separation between operator and process. To meet the individual applications in cytostatics manufacturing, the GloveFAST Cyto Pharma isolator can be customized with numerous options. With optional accessories the cytostatic isolator can be equipped for any process in the pharmacy.

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    The GloveFAST Aseptic is a positive pressure isolator with vertical laminar air flow. A closed system ensures maximum personal and product protection. Thanks to numerous options, the isolator can be individually set up for any process.

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    Our GloveFAST Aseptic with integrated NHP system.

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    The GloveFAST cRABS (restricted-access barrier system) is a restricted-access isolator system. It is used in many industries where a controlled atmosphere is required - for example in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical or electrical engineering industries.

    FASTER GloveFAST cRABS correspond to the current state of the art and are classified as active cRABs.

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    Our isolators can be adapted to your wishes and process requirements due to a modular principle with a wide range of options.

    If our regular product designs do not meet your requirements, we would be pleased to work with you to plan an isolator that is individually adapted to your needs.

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  • IC1820 Ion Chromatography

    Fully inert, PEEK based modules
    Eluent degassing device optional
    Both anion and cation suppressor available
    Clarity software, comply with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11

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  • LC1620A HPLC

    Both lsocratic and Binary/Quaternary Gradient system available
    Different detectors available, like UV, RID and ELSD, DAD
    Clarity software, comply with GLP/FDA由21 CFR Partll

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    Advanced built in data acquisiton system , supporting real time instrument status monitoring, detection signal acquisition and PC control
    Column oven accommodates up to 3 chromatographic columns, and supports multi oven ramps
    Supports 3 inlets simultaneously
    Supports 3 detectors simultaneously with high sensitivity and stability
    2 independent and analog signals output

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  • GC1290 EPC(electronic pneumatic control), 7 inch touch screen display

    • Advanced electronic pneumatic control (EPC) system
    • High performance oven temperature control allows for fast and precise temperature ramping
    • 7 inch touch screen display
    • Clarity software, comply with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11

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  • MSQ8100 Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

    Quadruple mass analyzer
    Ion Source:EL(electron ionization) standard
    High performance GC1290 gas chromatography, with EPC (electronic pneumatic control} system
    Clarity software, comply with GLP/FDA 21 CFR Partll

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